Since the tender age of 8-years-old, Kim King has been bursting with excitement and passion for beauty and a promising entrepreneurial spirit. Now the owner and founder of The Posh Luxury Brand, she began establishing her brand in her grandparent's garage, starting a mini-enterprise as the neighborhood Stop N' Shop. Selling multitude of goodies from candies to chips, Kim was developing a brand at a young age and putting a few dollars in her pocket as well.

After completing her educational journey in Paralegal/Business, Kim began to further pursue the idea of venturing out on her own. This prompted her to create the first steppingstone, her first brick-and-mortar boutique, Posh Kouture, located in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2014, Posh Luxury Hair Extensions was born, whose goal is to provide top quality customer service fused with luxury hair extensions sold exclusively online. The Posh Brand also carries online exclusive beauty products ranging from liquid matte lipsticks to 3D mink lashes.

Now in 2017, Kim continues to inspire youth of color and future entrepreneurs by launching her latest endeavor, The Posh Beauty Bar (Coming Soon), which will include the Shimmer Luxe Collection, a plethora of bronzers ranging from the moscato-colored Glass of Rose to the deep chocolate Godiva Goddess. By adding a brand to the Posh name, she is, furthermore, adding to the value of a luxury female experience for all and is seeking to become the one stop shop for all things beauty. One of her primary goals is to curate her very own cruelty-free skincare line by 2019. The Posh Luxury Brand has been deeply rooted in giving back to the community in a luxurious way, while being committed to filling the void with a thriving enterprise in the Birmingham area.